Welcome to Quirky Transit and Travels!  This blog is a cross between a conventional travel blog and a slightly geekier version where I write about my rail and air travels.  Most of my entries are focused on the train/air journey experiences themselves, as I am a huge fan of the concept that the journey is as much a destination as the actual destination itself.  Occasionally, however, I do write a bit about the places I’ve visited for variety’s sake.  These have been compiled into neater compilations which you can access by clicking the icon below:


As a student, I studied in Belfast, Ireland (Northern Ireland), and so I got to experience urban and intercity transport in Ireland.  This is in contrast to the typical experience encountered by Malaysians studying in the UK: Most study in Great Britain (Scotland/Wales/England), but as Northern Ireland despite being a part of the UK is on the island of Ireland itself, it is a completely different world and experience there.

As Ireland is clearly not part of the mainstream consciousness in Malaysia, I have created a transport information page for Ireland.  These cover the basics of Urban and Intercity transport in Ireland, both the North and South.  I hope that whoever comes across those pages will find it useful, though of course as they are intended as a general summary, I’ll recommend double-checking it with the relevant official websites too.

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