Northern trains: On the Bangor Line

Being in the island of Ireland means there is no excuse for one to be shut in the room all day, and with the relatively small size of Belfast, day trips to areas outside the city should be on to-do lists.  So there I was, bored out of my mind after trying (and failing) to... Continue Reading →


How Car-Centric Urban Planning Impacts Our Cities

Cities are perhaps the most visible and emblematic mark of human civilisation. Throughout the entire history of the human race, there has been virtually nothing quite as prominent as the cities we have built.  Cities throughout history have represented the best of their period of time, whether it may be aesthetics or just simply how... Continue Reading →

Website Comparison: KTMB & Iarnród Éireann

Rail travel is an important part of a country's transport network.  With the ability to transport a large number of passengers at once, trains remain one of the most efficient methods of intercity and cross-country travel. While the technicalities of the infrastructure itself are important, the accessibility of the system arguably has the greatest impact... Continue Reading →

A look at the Luas (Dublin Part 3)

This is the final part of my trip report of rail journeys in the Republic of Ireland.  I've previously wrote about my rides on the DART and Intercity & Enterprise in the previous 2 posts.  This post, as promised, takes a look at Dublin's tram system: the Luas. The Luas network consists of 2 unconnected... Continue Reading →

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