British Trams: Edinburgh and Manchester

Trams are pretty abundant in Europe, surviving the onslaught of the automobile industry. While most traditional tramways serve an inner city transport function, Britain's trams serve more of a longer distance commute function, essentially  doorstep to doorstep commuting as the line goes directly through the city. Where Ireland has only one tramway in Dublin, quite a... Continue Reading →


Flybe: To Britain and back

There really are not many options for cheap airlines that fly to and from Belfast City Airport.  Belfast City, or BHD is served only by British Airways, Aer Lingus, Flybe, KLM, and Brussels Airlines.  Mainstream budget options like Easyjet and Ryanair are hosted at Belfast International Airport, Northern Ireland's major airport but it is a... Continue Reading →

Derry Air-A Trip to Derry, County Londonderry

Ahh...Derry.  Probably Ireland's most famous city after Dublin.  The name itself, which both the city and county shares, is disputed:  Originally anglicised as Derry after the original Gaelic Doire/Daire, the prefix "London" was attached to it to recognise the contributions of the London trade guilds in constructing the city walls during the Plantation of Ulster.  The name... Continue Reading →

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