Vienna to Bratislava on REx 2516

Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia.  It lies incredibly close to the Austro-Slovak border and is a mere 1 hour train ride away from Vienna.  Bratislava Airport is also a base for Ryanair, which means it presents a cheaper travel option for the Viennese and/or people intending to travel to Vienna.  In my case, I... Continue Reading →


Czech Railjet to Vienna: RJ 75 “Franz Schubert”

The Siemens Railjet is an interesting piece of machinery.  It is essentially a locomotive drawn high-speed train with a top design speed of 230km/h.  Railjet operations are synonymous with the ÖBB (Österreichische Bundesbahnen), the Austrian Federal Railways and represents their highest tier of service.  For that reason they are primarily used on international routes to... Continue Reading →

Berlin to Prague on EC175 “Robert Schumann”

Intercity rail travel is a highly convenient affair in Europe, although only if you're travelling between capitals or major cities.  The EU is highly integrated,  and a good example is intercity rail: tickets sold by one company's website may be for a service operated by another. In this case, I bought my tickets from Deutsche... Continue Reading →

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