Newgrange Day-Trip (Part 6): Dublin to Belfast via Portadown

This was the final sector of my day-trip to Newgrange, and so is this series's final entry.  I didn't want to take the bus back to Belfast as it was something I had been doing too much very recently.  I also wanted to take a ride on the Enterprise one last time before I left... Continue Reading →


Onboard the Enterprise: Belfast >> Dublin

Belfast and Dublin is connected by an express train branded as the "Enterprise" service.  It is Ireland's only international train service since Northern Irish-Irish border is in fact, the UK-Irish border.  Due to its importance it is in effect Ireland's premium train service, and reflecting its role as a link between the North and South,... Continue Reading →

A look at the Luas (Dublin Part 3)

This is the final part of my trip report of rail journeys in the Republic of Ireland.  I've previously wrote about my rides on the DART and Intercity & Enterprise in the previous 2 posts.  This post, as promised, takes a look at Dublin's tram system: the Luas. The Luas network consists of 2 unconnected... Continue Reading →

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