Onboard the Enterprise: Belfast >> Dublin

Belfast and Dublin is connected by an express train branded as the "Enterprise" service.  It is Ireland's only international train service since Northern Irish-Irish border is in fact, the UK-Irish border.  Due to its importance it is in effect Ireland's premium train service, and reflecting its role as a link between the North and South,... Continue Reading →


Derry Air-A Trip to Derry, County Londonderry

Ahh...Derry.  Probably Ireland's most famous city after Dublin.  The name itself, which both the city and county shares, is disputed:  Originally anglicised as Derry after the original Gaelic Doire/Daire, the prefix "London" was attached to it to recognise the contributions of the London trade guilds in constructing the city walls during the Plantation of Ulster.  The name... Continue Reading →

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