Eurowings EW 5888: Vienna to Madrid

***Part of the Summer Travels 2017 collection*** Itineraries can be convoluted, especially if you really really want to go to some place even though it might be far or inconvenient.  In my case, I was aiming for Spain during my summer travels.  I had a friend in Spain to visit, and summer was the best... Continue Reading →


Speedbird Dreaming: Belfast to Kuala Lumpur

Summer has come, signalling the end of my first year of study in Belfast.  Unfortunately for me, it also means a large scale pack up and a trip back home to a more extreme form of summer in Malaysia. Right when I've started to enjoy the Irish summer--blue skies, lovely sun, and cooling winds, quite... Continue Reading →

Website Comparison: KTMB & Iarnród Éireann

Rail travel is an important part of a country's transport network.  With the ability to transport a large number of passengers at once, trains remain one of the most efficient methods of intercity and cross-country travel. While the technicalities of the infrastructure itself are important, the accessibility of the system arguably has the greatest impact... Continue Reading →

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