Travel Compilations

I usually aim to write a few trip reports after each of my travels.  These are usually entries about the rail or air journeys that I took throughout my trip as I’m a fan of the idea that the journey is itself a destination.  Also, I like to think of the entries as sort of a diary, albeit a public one.

A friend once recommended me keeping a journal.  I tried, and I got bored (of myself), so here I am writing about my travels instead.  Ireland gets special place on the front page because its awesome because I spent 2 years studying there and so it really isn’t a “travel” in the holiday sense anymore, but rather a bit of a daily commute kind of thing.

This list will be updated and added to as I go along, so feel free to drop by any time.

Kuala Lumpur to Singapore by train


Summer Travels 2017 Compilation


Winter Travels 2017 Compilation


Newgrange Day-Trip from Belfast



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