Winter Travels 2017

The Winter break in January follows 2 months of hard work of working on assignments.  And so what better way to relax than to take a trip into Europe, right in the middle of winter?

I know Ned Stark warned about how Winter Is Coming and all that, but it doesn’t quite work if Winter is already here, amirite?

C’mon guys laugh please, I didn’t do this law degree for nothing 😦

My winter travels took me to 4 countries: Germany, Czechia (the Czech Republic), Austria, and Slovakia.  Rail was my primary mode of transport between those places as it was a highly convenient option, and I generally try to find any excuse to use the trains.

So here are the 3 entries I wrote about my Intercity Rail experiences during the trip, in chronological order.  Bratislava gets a mini travel review thing at the end of the relevant post since its actually a really nice town to visit!

1) Berlin to Prague on EC175 “Robert Schumann”


2) Czech Railjet to Vienna: RJ 75 “Franz Schubert”


3) Vienna to Bratislava on REx 2516



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